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VML brings you high quality images at lightning fast speeds. It loads only the data you need, as you need it.

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A Sample of Our Work

These are just a few of the subjects we have made. If you would like to see all of the specimens click the button below the samples.

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Putting it all Together

Sorry that this week’s blog is a little late. So far we have continued to revise and improve our webpage; when it is completely ready for everyone to see, we will let you guys know. We have also solved the aggravating...


First Images

Last week we created our Tumblr and Instagram account, where this blog is located. As we organized slides, we ran into some problems. The slides were somewhat yellowed, scratched, cracked or so dirty they were unable to be cleaned. Some slides...


New Beginnings

This blog will be about Virtual Microscopy Lab (VML) and our progress and journey through creating our own organization and its output and impact. Last week we began our summer co-op for RIT working on the VML. We created...

Lines of Code

Our Team

We made VML possible!

Nick Franco

VML - Project Manager

“Nick is a senior from White Plains, NY, on track to graduate with a degree in Photographic Science in May 2017. As project leader for VML, he supervised the creation of the website, as well as programming the customized scripts used to create the efficient image viewer. In his spare time, Nick enjoys working on his Jeep Wrangler, developing software, taking photos, and conducting experiments.”

Justin Gerard

VML - Image Quality Engineer

“Justin is a senior in RIT's Photographic Science program, from Boston, Massachusetts. His responsibilities in the project include developing image processing routines and designing calibration methods to ensure color constancy. In his free time, he enjoys cars, film photography, designing computers, and building drones.”

Kirsten Martin

VML - Photographic Scientist

“Kirsten is a fourth year student from south central PA. She plans to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Photographic Communications with a minor in Japanese from Rochester Institute of Technology. In her free time, Kirsten enjoys cooking for herself as well as friends.”

Teresa Kugler

VML - Photographic Scientist

“Teresa Kugler is a third year student from Brooklyn, NY. Her school plan is a double major in Photographic Sciences and Applied Statistics. She is also planning on minoring in music performance. On her free time, Teresa enjoys making art as well as reading in a quiet space.”

Michael Peres

Project Supervisor

“Michael Peres joined the teaching faculty of the Rochester Institute of Technology School of Photographic Arts & Sciences in 1986. He is a professor of biomedical photography and teaches photomicrography, biomedical photography and other related applications of photography in science. He served as the chair of the biomedical photographic communications department from 1989 until June 2010 when he was appointed as associate administrative chair of the School.”

Steve Viggiano

Technical Advisor

“Steve is Founder and Principal of Acolyte Color Research, a firm specializing in Digital Color Imaging Science. He also served 10 years as a member of the graduate faculty of the School of Printing Management and Sciences at RIT, where he taught courses in image reproduction theory, ink and paper science, research methods, and color measurement. Professor Viggiano was a multiple nominee for RIT's Eisenhart Award for Excellence in Teaching. Before founding Acolyte, Steve had over 14 years' professional experience in Digital Color Imaging Science at RIT Research Corporation.”